Kiawah Island Vacation Rentals

With our large selection of Kiawah Island vacation rentals, we are sure you'll find the perfect property for your getaway. Our list of Kiawah Island vacation rentals includes home rentals, villas, oceanfront beach houses, and long-term rentals on Kiawah Island. Offering beautiful views of the water, spacious and comfortable living spaces, and beautifully furnished rentals, you will feel right at home in one of our luxury rental properties. Each rental is unique, many with updated features and some including a private pool or deck. Most importantly, rentals are conveniently located near all the best things to do on Kiawah Island.

For those interested in oceanfront Kiawah Island vacation rentals, Pam Harrington Exclusives has a large selection of beach properties on both the West Beach and East Beach areas. These beautiful vacation rentals provide amazing views of the ocean you won’t soon forget. Whatever you’re looking for, there is sure to be a rental home on the beautiful island of Kiawah to meet your needs.

Search for the perfect Kiawah vacation rental with our easy online search function. Browse by the property categories below or use the search function to search rentals by dates of availability, number of bedrooms or number of bathrooms. You can use our advanced Kiawah rental search to further narrow down properties by type and area.

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Kiawah Exclusives offers an elite collection of luxury Kiawah Island home rentals designed to make your vacation one to remember. Our luxury home rentals include spacious, finely furnished, well-appointed homes where your small or large family or group has the room to truly indulge and relax. Whether you seek a view of the ocean, championship fairways, maritime forests, or lush marshes, we have the luxury home destined to make your vacation unforgettable.
The Kiawah Exclusives team represents a unique variety of villa rentals in two distinctive communities. Each villa rental is handpicked by the Pam Harrington team to ensure your complete enjoyment and to provide easy access to the island amenities you love the most. Choose from one-to-three bedroom villas and views ranging from river, marsh, fairways or maritime forests and let your vacation satisfaction begin.
Looking for an exceptional Kiawah Island rental property at a truly unique value? Browse our specials and find the perfect Kiawah Island home or villa for your next vacation, girls' weekend or reunion. Start making vacation memories to last a lifetime.
Kiawah Island promises luxurious living and effortless access to 10 miles of private beaches, award-winning golf courses, tennis, boutique shops, fine dining, and offers an abundance of natural wildlife. If you’re looking to visit for an extended period, we have exceptional long term rental properties to meet your wants and desires. Each home boasts a unique personality and architectural design to enjoy.
At Pam Harrington Exclusives we strive to ensure an effortless and enjoyable experience for our rental guests. Whether you're a first-time visitor or a seasoned Kiawah vacationer, our team will assist you in finding the very best fit for your stay.